Why haven’t Games Workshop published their digital Codexes on Android as well as IOS/Ipad?

DocBungle found an ace article by Tetsugaku about GWs move into the digital publication arena and asks the question; why only Apple? The original article can be found here.

The Wargaming Bear

A nice little article over on Tetsugaku, relating to why GW are only doing iBooks. Enjoy

A great many reasons. I grew tired of explaining them to fanboys on the internet so I’ll explain the problems here. Your comments are more than welcome, as is your feedback on my proposed solution.

1) Market Share.
The tablet market is split 60%/40% – IOS / Android according to the latest figures I could track down. This means that the largest single chunk, is resoundingly in Apples garden.

2) Fragmentation
Apple tablets are a single system. They all have the same size screen, one of two resolutions and predictable hardware. Android devices do not have *any* of these benefits as you can see in these info graphics. Designign for them is much, much harder as you have to account for so many more variables.

3) Single Digital Marketplace
Android does not…

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