Heavy Gear Arena – A Review

To go with my review of Heavy Gear Blitz, my comrade, DocBungle, has done a review of Heavy Gear Arena. It’s almost as if we’d planned it.

The Wargaming Bear

This is review is part of a larger review as both myself and (Phil) the ShellCase have agreed to do a joint review of Dream Pod 9’s games.

So without further ado here is my section a review of Heavy Gear Arena.

It is set in Dream Pod 9’s Heavy Gear universe, so how is this different from their other games say Heavy Gear Blitz (the skirmisher) well it is Gladiator style combat in funnily enough an arena. 🙂

I will be reviewing the 2-player starter box set that is available for Heavy Gear Arena. As always like my other reviews I aim to do the following Fluff; Miniatures; Rulebook; Rules/Mechanics; what you get for your money and a Summary. Or FMRRMWYGFYMS for short.

I will say from the very start of this review. This game is in some ways similar to GW skirmisher games like Gorka Morka and their…

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