5th Fleet – The Story So Far

Back in May I wrote some fluff surrounding my Covenant of Antarctica fleet – The Night Watch. My intention was to give my fleet an identity but also inspire me to actually paint something. Well it must have worked because last Saturday I actually painted something.

The Battleship known as Sword of Truth which I wrote about here. I half expected myself to run out of steam and paint nothing more. But something quite remarkable has happened which is that I’ve kept painting!

Next I painted 12 frigates, known as the Coppertails. I wrote about them here.

Now, I subscribe to the pleasure/pain principle of painting which is for every regiment/large unit I paint I reward myself with painting something more elite or a character. That way I’m incentivized to get the big units, and therefore most of the force, done in a relatively short space of time.

Following on from those, on Friday night I got my Cruisers painted (fluff post to follow).

It was very rewarding getting these models done as they form the backbone of my fleet. Completing them made me feel like I was making real headway.

Next up were the Escorts which I painted late on Saturday night. I’m pretty sure at one point I fell asleep. I couldn’t see any brush strokes that had gone awry. I blame entertaining my young nephews for the day. And trying to write my Prussians blog post at the same time.

So Skyhammer and Cold Reason squadrons are both ready for deployment. And, again, a fluff post will follow.

And finally, I’ve been working on four bombers this evening. All I’ve got left to do is give the black parts and ink and a highlight and then they’re done.

As with the rest of the fleet I’ve tried to keep Nighthawk squadron’s colour scheme nice and simple. Simple isn’t bad though. Simple has meant that I’ve managed to get a big chunk of the 5th fleet done, leaving only 3 armoured cruisers and 3 large captial ships.

I can’t promise that I’ll be able to keep up with the painting, but I’ll do my best. I’m certainly enjoying it. And I may have even done enough this week to earn myself one of DocBungle’s blue badges. A painting one, not a disabled one.





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