I’ve always been very mixed towards Blood Bowl. As in I usually have to have a spirit and a mixer to enjoy it. However, Liam and his fellow Blood Bowl mentalists do make it all seem like rather good fun…

The Wargaming Monkey

Last weekend, myself and a couple of the Bristol guys took a quick trip along the M4 to take part in Glowworms 1 day Bloodbowl tournament “Crumb Bowl”

Limitations were fairly simple, 1.1 million to spend on a team and then 5 skills (1 of which could be a double) to be added afterwards with no stacking aloud.

Having recently picked up an Orc team through the TFF forums I decided to use this as a challenge to get them painted up within a few weeks and elected to use these guys for the day. Having only recently started playing Orcs I set myself a target of a modest 1 Draw and 2 loses to be a successful day.

For the roster i went with:

4x Black Orcs with Guard
4x Blitzers
1x Thrower with Dodge
2x Line Orcs
Bomber Dribblesnot
1x Bribe
2x Re-rolls

Game 1 vs Footlight (Wood…

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  1. Blood Bowl is indeed the bomb, but it is the bomb whether one has had a drink or not. The important thing is whether all participants involved have had drinks or not – it’s a bit of a ball-ache if some people are taking it seriously and some are not.

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