Stay On Target

Since turning 1 I’ve lost focus a little bit. There’s been a lot going on at home as well as working on some stuff I alluded to in my 1 Today post which takes time and thanks to time zones it’s not…easy to co-ordinate. But awesome all the same.

Last night I was trying to read a rule set whilst my wife watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Now, I, like many wargamers, couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Olympics, or sport in general for that matter. It’s not that I don’t like sport as such more I have no interest in watching it and I certainly have no interest in aligning myself with one football club over another because it just doesn’t matter.

Needless to say I had no interest in watching the opening ceremony, despite it all happening in my home nation and some of the events happening all of an hours drive from where I live. So it came as much a surprise to me as it does to you that I actually ended up watching the blessed thing. I put this down to the noise and the batshit crazy antics that spewed out the head of the mentalist that is Danny Boyle. I was pleasantly surprised if I’m honest but that’s not the point of the post.

The point is that whether or not you’re in to sport, the Olympics or even liked the opening ceremony a lot of people achieved something pretty special last night and others will achieve great things over the next couple of weeks. It made me realise that I needed to get back in the saddle and get writing again, both on this humble hobby blog and writing. It’s all too easy to let ambitions fall by the wayside through inactivity, distraction or the nay saying of others so I’ll try a little harder.

Exciting enough there’s a project on the horizon. Can’t say too much at the moment but it could be really quite awesome. Might mean I’ll be getting even less sleep than I was before…still should be fun.

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