Going Plastic & Ten Thunders

Over on Miniature Musings of a Bear there’s a host of previews of some truly awesome looking models. I’m sure my wife would love me to start a new gaming system. What could possibly go wrong?

The Wargaming Bear

As we all know now that Wyrd are going towards plastic miniatures what is interesting is that Eric has given us a little insight into how they went about making the choice they did.

So lets go back about a month before those famous words. Here at wyrd central we were sitting and looking at the costs of our minis, the costs of metal, and getting more than a little upset about how the future looked. Straight to the point, the cost of metal has gone up nearly 80% in just the last 2 years, while the cost of our minis had gone up more like 20%, and with metal not slowing down any time soon, we were going to have to push through a rather significant price increase if we were to continue on like we were. Added to that was the fact that we just started producing Avatars…

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