Times, They Are A-Changing

It comes with a certain degree of sadness that I announce that The Shell Case forum will be closing down.

I simply don’t have the time to maintain it and I couldn’t find anyone willing to take it on my behalf. It’s far better to wind it up now than it become the poor kid at the grown-ups table within the Shell Case network. Plus with so much of the forum’s purpose being carried on Twitter by the thriving community of #warmongers it has become all but redundant. The forum will remain open until the end of August.

What this also means is a change to The Shell Case Alliance. Specifically how members join. I’m in the process of creating a dedicated Shell Case Alliance website that will turn it into a ‘proper’ blogdex and list every member’s blog as well as explain what The Shell Case Alliance is all about and how to join. Its principles will still be the same it’ll just have a new home and being a member of the forum will not, obviously, be a prerequisite.

I’d like take the opportunity to thank everyone who joined the forum for their support and to Dave (@DocBungle) for working so hard to promote it over the last year. We made a good go of it but in the end ambition was further than reach.

6 thoughts on “Times, They Are A-Changing

  1. I am sorry to read this ofcourse. But to say that your ambition outstretched your reach is to do yourself and DocBungle a disservice. There arr many wargaming forums, some even manage to intergrate varied interests but very few manage to bring people together as well as the simple #Warmongers tag you guys have created. I pay to be a member of the Freebooterz and belong to half a dozen (at least) other forums. But for almost a year now I’ve turned to Twitter and the Shellcase Alliance for all my hobby needs, be they painting, 40K, Warmachine or anything else. I’m sorry the forums are passing, but I’m much more pleased to be keeping the #Warmongers and the community they provide.

  2. OK, sorry if I end up commenting here twice. First attempt from mobile doesn’t seem to exist. 🙂

    I wanted to say that although it is a shame to see the Shellcase Forums disappear, I find it hard to be too sad. The #Warmongers community that you guys have created and nurtured is a fantastic resource for so many hobbyists. There are a lot of forums, some even manage to support a few different interest groups. I am a member of at least half a dozen myself, even paying for the Freebooterz. Yet over the past year I’ve almost exclusively turned to the #Warmongers for my hobby needs and discussions. Be it painting, 40k, warmachine, DW, etc. Mostly through Twitter and when need be through the blogs that I reach from there.

    To say that your ambitions went further than your reach is to sell yourself to low. Your ambitions have simply found a new (and I feel more exciting) avenue to reach into. So farewell Shellcase Forums, thanks for the starting point, now us #Warmongers shall prove we can keep going together.

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