War Room – Review

Liam over at The Wargaming Monkey has done a thoroughly comprehensive review on Privateer Press’ new army builder app.

The Wargaming Monkey

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Privateer Press announced ‘War Room’ Their own IOS/Android Army builder software. Yesterday after months of hype, suspense and delays it was finally released in the Apple Store.

War room offers:

  • Full Card Display
  • Army List Creation
  • In-Game Damage Tracking
  • Rules Reference
  • In-Game List Sharing
  • Turn Clocks

So A quick trip to the app store searching ‘Privateer Press’ and a 151Mb download later and it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

Upon starting the app for the first time you are presented with the welcome screen and asked to create an account. The process is very simple requiring user name, email and password. Once registered you are good to go. I have registered this on my iPad and my iPhone and have been duley informed upon loading on my phone this morning that you can only register…

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One thought on “War Room – Review

  1. Very thorough review. Sad to hear it’s still so bugged (but than again, that’s what reviews are for). Either way, all the “big guys” in the industry appear to be finally pushing into the web with some effort (and mixed results), which is always a good thing.

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