Chaos Space Marine Rumours

M’comrade John over on Ramblings from the Trenches has been gathering together rumours on the re-release of Chaos Space Marines. Add salt to taste chaps.

Ramblings from The Trenches

The internet’s aflurry with rumours and counter-rumours surrounding the imminent release of what’s almost certain to be the first 6th edition codex.

Luckily, those lovely chaps at the Blood of Kittens network have published the most common (and most likely) rumoured developments in two easy to digest parts which you can find below:

Part 1

Part 2

What’s looking increasing likely is that the codex will be released in late August or early September, indeed I’m saving the gift voucher I won from The Bear’s Competition towards it! Indeed I fail to see how it could possibly come out after the Dark Vengeance boxed set since the units rumoured to come with it aren’t covered in any current codex.

Below are some of the rumoured changes taken from the articles linked above, I really hope these are true!

-Special Characters

Ahriman: Mastery Level 4, Same Stats as before, Access to…

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