Painting my Sorylians

No, I haven’t been replaced by an imposter, I just have an urge to paint my Sorylians. The problem I have is I don’t know what colour scheme I want to paint them in.

There’s no shortage of colour schemes out there, and I did blog about this a while back with ideas of basing the colour scheme on insects or reptiles. Although those ideas are admirable I don’t have time, or the desire to be honest.

Thus the question is; what colour do I paint them. I’ve seen a couple of schemes I like, either as a concept or something to copy.

But I can’t decide so I throw it open to you, my loyal readers, to help me whittle down the options. Once it’s been decided I’ll write background to it, as one would expect and in keeping with my 5th company Ultramarines and 5th company CoA fleet for Dystopian Wars, this will be the 5th fleet of the Sorylian navy.

Have a vote below and, you never know, I might actually listen to you.

2 thoughts on “Painting my Sorylians

  1. You should totally copy the Homeworld 2 style! So i voted other. Iv seen a tutorial on youtube somewhere. If you do not, then i may have to. Though i would have to start the game first…

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