Dropzone Commander – Painting the PHR Athena WiP – Pt 2

And here’s the second part to that ace tutorial from 6inch Move.

6 Inch Move

So there has been a lot of support for my attempts at a digital cammo, thank you all 🙂

I have taken the Athena a little further adding some weathering and adding cammo to the bottom of the aircraft, it looks a little shiny as I have added coats of varnish to protect the initial layers and allow the enamel wash to flow better, have a look:

I used the Mig Productions Dark Wash on the Athena and I think it came out a little too dark for my liking, so I have been looking for something that should work better with the Greys and blues I have used. I found a product from AK Interactive that I hope will work, the AK072 Early Panzers Weathering Set

“We have designed this set for all those modellers who love early German vehicles, or to put it another way, all those painted…

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