Dropzone Commander – Painting the PHR Athena WiP

Those fine chaps over at 6inch Move have started an ace tutorial for painting the PHR Athena. Which I want. Alot.

6 Inch Move

So following on from ZombiePirate’s post, I thought I would add some images of a work in progress on my version of the Athena. I got this miniature off Dave when we went down to playtest the game and is not from my Mega Premimum I brought.

So my thought has always been to do a Digital cammo style for the PHR I thought it would suit them, especially as they are cybernetic. So I was torn on colour choice, desert style like the original’s painted by Dave, greens and browns for a more woodland style table. I decided to go with a desert sandy colour.

So here is my first test version:

I liked some of the colour choices, I didn’t like how I ended up with a ridge because I had put down to thick a layer of paint, it’s also hard to get all the lines to…

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