Dark Vengeance Delayed

Sources within the Games Workshop revealed to me yesterday (and since been all but confirmed by Bell of Lost Souls) that the standard edition of Dark Vengeance will be delayed.

There’s some speculation about why but my source tells me that it’s a combination of the Limited Edition box not being as limited as was originally implied and the sales of said box not being as strong because customers are holding off for the cheaper box.

It’s a rare thing for me to feel sorry for the Games Workshop as the limited edition box was a nice idea. Personally I’d like them to pay a bit more attention to the video games market to understand what a limited edition box should be. One extra bloke a special box does not make. But that aside, they attempted to garner some excitement with the release and it all seems to have fallen a bit flat. Although the whole thing was compounded by the retail division not getting their copy until the day before release which meant they couldn’t ramp it up.

I remember the days of preview nights, the odd cheeky peek at the book or WIP models both as a staff member and as a customer. It built hype and the life blood of the hobby – enthusiasm. This new ‘strategy’ of not telling anyone anything until it’s about to happen just doesn’t work because the world is on a budget. Plus all that happens is pages of White Dwarf get leaked on the internet by a disgruntled employee.

This is bad for three reasons.

1. Crappy photos taken on someone’s iPhone (other smartphones with crappy cameras are available) don’t do the models justice

2. It garners ill feeling from the community because the Games Workshop should be, perhaps, a little more willing to share in lines they’re expecting us to buy

3. Customers don’t necessarily have £65 handy at a week’s notice. I certainly didn’t.

Marketing aside, perhaps the answer to lacklustre sales would have been a limited model for each side making it worth while for gamers of both factions to spend that extra little bit of money.

But whatever the reasons and whatever Games Workshop should or should not have done, the message is clear; if you’re holding off for the standard box set, give in and pay the extra two or three quid because you’ll be waiting a while.

I shall be reviewing 6th edition 40k and the Dark Vengeance box set very soon.

8 thoughts on “Dark Vengeance Delayed

  1. Is it? I thought the limited box was already gone? I came back Monday from a family trip over the weekend and couldn’t actually order one anymore.

    Not a big deal, but I guess I would’ve gone for the extra Chaplain if they’d let me.

  2. I got my Limited Edition and am very happy that I did, however, dropping sixty notes on a few days notice is not something I do often, nor readily. My biggest problem with the new GW policy is that they are not even considering the economic times in which we live. But then, those of us with jobs and bills are not their target market, even though I’d like to think that we bring in most of their profits.

    They expect us to continue to buy stuff month on month and then they release new items only telling us about them a week before and expect us to continue throwing cash constantly. If people get wind of a new release they generally hold off to see what that release holds and I don’t blame them. But that is bad for GWs cash flow, so rather than plan for this and engage with the community they stifle all rumour, bludgeon the enthusiasm that inevitably builds from pre-release information given proper time to propagate, they instead stifle it and remove those points of conversation in order that they might “pull the wool over our eyes” to keep us spending.

    As much as I love the GW stuff, their practices are often rather clandestine.

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