Colours in Review


Yesterday I ventured up to the wilds of Newbury for the second day of Colours with Jezza and Ian of The Chaps. For those not of this green and verdant land you can find out more here. But, in a nutshell it’s the largest wargaming event in the South of England.

I thought I’d just focus on the things that piqued my interest rather than give a blow-by-blow account of everything that was there because it’ll be boring and I didn’t look at everything. Partly because it’s a far bigger event that I expected. Spread out over 3 floors at Newbury Race Course, it had something for everyone.

Shrewdly positioned by the entrance was none other than fellow #warmonger Jed Norton and Antenociti’s Workshop (@Antenociti). It was great to finally meet Jed and have a proper natter about his game Governance of Technology. Everything he’s got planned for the game sounds absolutely fantastic and is a very fresh take on a futuristic world at war. Plus his models look ace. I’ll be doing a review of some of his models very soon.

I also got to have a chat with the guys at Steel Crown Productions and all the exciting stuff going on with their 6mm version of Exodus Wars. The models are looking ace and we’re now mere weeks away from the release. They very kindly let me take a couple of snaps of some of the models including their ‘titan’ construct which is utterly massive and awesome. The model they had there didn’t have its arm weapons attached but it’s a beast and weighs an absolute tonne.

They kindly let me shoot it next to the infantry so you can see the scale.

I also got to meet Ed & Harry from Warmill. They produce a wide range of multipart, laser cut, MDF scenery. I got the opportunity to speak to them at some length about how it all came about. I was also lucky enough to get a couple of samples for review in the very near future but for now, here’s a snap of what they do…

As I wandered around I was struck by the effort some people went to for just display boards. Below is a photo of a zombie apocalypse game. I had no idea what the game system was but it looked fantastic.

There was also a fantastic board for A Very English Civil War but unfortunately the photo didn’t come out.

The star of the show, for me, however, was the Studio Sparta stand where they were showing off Firestorm Invasion and specifically the Planetfall 10mm ruleset.

As if that wasn’t enough they also had models of the 15mm & 28mm games including all three versions of the Terran Alliance main battle tank. Which was awesome.

And the cherry on that particularly awesome cake was they also had some models for Dystopian Legions including the FSA trackbike, some Prussian and Britannian infantry (again the pictures didn’t come out for those – sorry) a couple of tanks and the fecking massive Prussian robot.

I had the opportunity to chat with the guys at Studio Sparta at length and both projects sound very exciting. Indications are that the Sorylians and Directorate will be out next for Invasion with the Auqans and Relthoza following shortly after. They also confirmed that the FSA would be getting their own massive robot and the dude in front of the robot above is a 3(?) up of a Britannian explorer sort complete with robotic hook for a hand and pith-helmet wearing monkey.

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