Warmill Scenery – A Review

For those who’ve never heard of Warmill, they’re a company based not far from me in sunny Bournemouth. The founders met at University on a design course and found they shared a passion for wargaming as well as design.

The idea behind Warmill is quite simple. Affordable, 28mm, gaming standard wargaming scenery. The scenery in question is laser cut multipart MDF kits. Warmill already offer a wide range of kits with more on the way including barricades, webway gates and Utility Pods and it’s all pretty cool looking stuff.

I got my hands on the FoodBooth 9000 and the Portable Utility Pod. The packs themselves are nicely presented and even came with some fluff about the scenery itself which was cool and gives a suggestion of where Ed & Harry plan on taking Warmill in the long-term.

Once you crack the seal you’re presented with some very neatly cut sprues of MDF with all the bits and bobs to make your little slice of science fiction landscape. You also get some instructions and you’ll need em because there are a lot of components, especially in the Utility Pod. The only problem is that although the parts are lettered by group in the instructions, they’re not on the sprues. Or anywhere else. It’s not really an issue with the FoodBooth as the sprues aren’t very cluttered and has relatively few small parts, it’s a bloody nightmare with the Utility Pod on the other hand and I did struggle to discern off cuts with bits I actually needed.

You’ve got to be careful getting the bits you need from the sprues as it won’t take much to break them, but in recognition of that the chaps at Warmill will replace any component that breaks whilst your punching it out, which is pretty decent of them. It does all come away quite cleanly providing you’re respectful of the material you’re working with. And it will need a little filing. The other thing is that the kits need gluing. This may seem pretty bloody obvious but my first impression was that it would all just press together. The precisions of the engineering is excellent  This means PVA glue so it’s not a quick build which isn’t the end of the world unless you want it for a game that day, then you’re stuffed.

The look of the kits is ace. I love the Utility Pod and how effortlessly it fits with other parts of the range and the character of the FoodBoth is what attracted me to Warmill in the first place. I do think that the technology lends itself to certain styles over others. I definitely think that more industrial looking designs work better over more organic looking structures.

The Warmill range is great and off to a strong start. I’m totally sold on the barricade systems and the Utility Pods. Certain details will look, inevitably, as flat as the MDF it’s made from and there’s no escaping that but you’re buying simple, gaming standard terrain. At the end of the day it’s laser cut wood. This isn’t a criticism as for laser cut wood it looks the tits, especially once it’s got some paint on it. It is a little on the expensive side – £23.99 for the booth – but it’s solidly built and light weight.

And I suppose that’s their unique selling point. Gaming standard terrain that’s easy to build, easy to paint and won’t take much to store. The instructions could be a little clearer and I think it would have a wider appeal if it was a little cheaper as being in the GW price range for simpler kits is a tough sell. But generally it looks ace, it goes together well and if you have a box of the stuff you won’t get a hernia.

6 thoughts on “Warmill Scenery – A Review

  1. Their products are not painted, but they are awesome. Someone had a few on our local store whilst we played Infinity. They are totally on my list of ‘to get someday’ items. The guys at Warmill are also always really great at listening to comments and suggestions from people on various forums (I’ve spoke a little with them on the Infinity forums).

    Looking at their site they also have a link to their Dakka Dakka images page where you can see what they are working on. Including this image…

    Nice review, reminded me how much I want their products.

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