Forge World Horus Heresy Tanks Revealed

More Forge World mentalness for the upcoming Horus Heresy codex. So I present to you the Fellblade Super Heavy and Typhon Heavy Siege Tank. To coin a phrase; holy fucking shit. And that’s just the price! The Fellblade is obviously the pre-cursor to the Super Heavies common place in the armies of the Imperial Guard, the design becoming more stripped out and functional over the Space Marine variant. I think we can safely assume that future Forge World supplements will suddenly allow certain Space Marine chapters (Blood Angels because they get everything) to take these fat bastards in post Hersey games too.

The Fellblade Super Heavy Tank retails at £155.00

The Typhon Siege Tank retails at £95.00

4 thoughts on “Forge World Horus Heresy Tanks Revealed

  1. I almost inadvertently had a Gentleman’s Moment when I saw those beauties and then almost had a heart attack when I saw that price!

    Still, I think I’ll have to treat myself to one of these eventually.

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