Wyrd Plastics – A Review

#warmonger James, aka @belverker, has kindly penned an article reviewing the new Wyrd plastic ranges. I’m yet to look at Wyrd games, mainly because they can’t be bothered to respond to emails, so it’s handy that I can call upon such a staunch chap to do the writing for me…

For those that don’t know Wyrd Miniatures has made the bold move to plastic for their Malifaux range. So far this is for all of their new products. It remains to be seen if they move the existing range to plastic. Although it could be an opportunity for them to do resculpts of anything they’re not 100% happy with. 

When I read about the move to plastic I was a little worried as Malifaux is currently one of my favourite games and the miniatures are a big part of that, so I was worried that this could lead to issues. In particular I was worried they would move to a plastic similar to Privateer Press which I hate working with (they later posted that it wasn’t like this).

So jump forward to Gencon and I place my order for the Nightmare model, the Dark Debts boxset, Mr Graves, Mr Tannan, and the Beckoners and start my long wait for them to arrive in Australia. While I was waiting I was of course checking the forums for pics and opinions about the new plastics, and it turns out there were fairly mixed views on them. Some people thought the detail was a bit soft, others were finding it good plus all the other opinions to do with plastics vs metals.

My order finally arrived and with barely contained excitement I cracked open the box to take a look at my new shinies…

 …And any doubt that had started to creep in after reading the forums was quickly dispelled. The casting was fantastic, crisp little details, well laid out sprues, and everything I was hoping the kits would be.

For those that haven’t had the pleasure yet, the plastic is most similar to Games Workshop’s plastic kits, the mold lines are about the same and are removed just as easily, normal plastic glue works on them (yay) and they feel very strong.

There were only 2 little gripes I have. The first is that the rope for Nightmare Eric was way thin, and I broke one very easily and am worried about the other one. The second issue is that some of the figures have some noticeable gaps with the joins, nothing that a little Liquid Greenstuff can’t fix and something that I think will improve over time with Wyrd getting the hang of the sprue engineering.

I have also heard talk about the amount of pieces the models are in, and to be honest it was something that surprised me, but after putting them together I think it is to allow for better undercutting then is usually found in plastic models.

After putting them together I am very optimistic about the future of Malifaux as I believe we will start seeing some fantastically dynamic figures going forward without a loss in detail.

I still need to see how they go with painting but that will be a couple of weeks away…

3 thoughts on “Wyrd Plastics – A Review

    1. Just a heads up mate, i wrote this review for Phil, so you may not want to put your full trust in the review 😉 hungering darkness could have done with a little more detail but the rest were very good will have some pics up as a miniaturemonday over the next couple of weeks

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