Trenchmates – Living With A #Warmonger by Alex Wilkinson

A lovely little article from the point of view of wargaming widow and honorary #warmonger, Alex, wife of Dave the author of Miniature Musings of a Bear. I’m eternally grateful James hasn’t asked my wife to do the same…

Ramblings from The Trenches

This edition of Trenchmates is written by Alex Wilkinson, the wife/keeper of Miniature Musings of A Bear’s Doc Bungle (aka Dave). The Bear has already told me that all of what’s below is lies but I’ll leave you, dear reader, to be the judge of that 😉 Take it away,Alex.


When I met my now husband he was already a closet gamer.

Now more than ten years later, I know more than I ever thought I would. More than I really want to know. (He is most certainly not a closet gamer any more!).

Regrettably, I must admit that I wouldn’t change this about him. I just wish it didn’t take over my house. Trees were once made “Only one or two trees, love! Honest!” I think he made a hundred, it certainly felt that way! I was climbing over them for what felt like weeks!

I once (many moons ago) tried to…

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