Fluff and the Art of Army List Writing

Rob of the moss[op] (aka @peppermint_cat) has written an interesting post about fluff vs army lists.

A lot of the recent chat amongst #warmongers has revolved around the new Chaos ‘dex and people’s ideas for armies. New army books/codices tend to provoke two reactions amongst gamers:

  1. This is the new uber-combo winning army list of all time, it uses three units, all new and will be called ‘broken’ by all until a timely errata consigns it to the dustbin of beard;
  2. I now have some GW fluff to backup my long-standing idea for an army with ‘X’ as its central theme and I’ve been writing through the night to fill in the back-story for my lead HQ.
I am always caught somewhere in the middle between these two camps (I’m sure I’m not the only one), in that I have a healthy interest in the fluff of the Warhammer universe, but fundamentally I’m after the best looking models that I can play good, competitive games with. I’d say that I’m not a power gamer, but neither am I a ‘fluff-head’, I want my army to have a theme, but not forget that, at the end of the day, I’d quite like to win the occasional game…
Read more here.

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