Floating Trader Town – A Review

A slight change of tact and my first review featuring some from the Uncharted Seas range. Granted it’s a piece of scenery but it just looks awesome.

The Floating Trader Town came out a little while ago but it’s always been a kit that’s had massive appeal to me because although intended for Spartan’s fantasy game it looked to me like it would fit in with Dystopian Wars as a Whaling station or an abandoned fishing village in the icy waters of Antarctica.

When I first got the pack I didn’t really appreciate just how big the model is. It’s massive. As the image above suggests the kit comes in 9 sections  the form a broken circle easily 8 inches across.

Even though only a piece of terrain it does look ace and you’d be forgiven for thinking it a touch Water World, but as the floating towns were the coolest part of that turd of a film it can be forgiven.

The casting quality and detail is really sharp it’s probably one of the most premium pieces of terrain I’ve ever owned. Yes there’s only two different sections which is a bit of a disappointment but because of its size I can certainly see the benefit of keeping it simple especially as each section does have little details that’ll need painting like gun emplacements, portholes, doors, ladders (yes ladders!) and crates and boxes. The walls were also chunky enough that it feels substantial and like a community lives there which is awesome.


The thing that struck me about the design is that it’ll be relatively easy to Steampunk it up as there’s plenty of exposed strut work and thanks to the scale none of it is textured so it can be iron and copper all the way. It did, however, have flash up the arse. Lots and lots of it. And because it was all around the jetties forget filing, it’s a scalpel job all the way. As it’s resin it wasn’t a long job but a bit of a faff. On the upside there wasn’t a mould line in sight and, as I say, the detail was faultless. If you want to keep it as a single piece you’ll have to mount it on a scenic base as the surface area that touches probably won’t be strong enough to hold itself together.

But on the upside, because it is in segments, you can use it with other scenery kits to make coastal defences, harbours or if you’re feeling cheeky you could quite easily make a couple of wrecked trader towns.

In terms of game use it makes the perfect objective for either a take and hold or a snatch and dash. Where it’d get tasty, however, is that only a support ship could make it into the town which would make it agonizingly tactical and I can’t fecking wait to give it a go.

As value for money goes it’s pretty outstanding at just £15. It looks awesome, it’s versatile, doesn’t over crowd the board but offers tactical challenges either as an objective or as a hazard to navigation. It may seem a bit sad to get this excited about a bit of scenery but honest to God, this is the tits. Yo.


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