Forge World Only

Not to be confused with For Your Eyes Only. If you’re looking for naked chicks, you’ll be disappointed.

If you’re expecting a fantastic slice of community focussed hobby then you’re in the right place. But rather than let me prattle on I thought I’d let the chap who came up with Forge World Only explain the method behind his madness…

So I give you Richard Smith, aka @richard2507;

Forge World Only, is something I came up with to persuade the wife to let me make an army made up of Forge World models and kits (as much as possible). As this would have cost an absolute fortune in one outlay and the fact I’m not ready for a divorce I starting thinking of ways to do it, and that is where the plan came in.

The plan was simple, I buy a unit and have to fully finish that unit before buying another one, this way it keeps costs down, keeps me painting and most importantly keeps the wargaming widow happy! For this to work though I had to come up with some rules and a condition to allow the wife to agree on it.
The rules are;

1) Forge World models should be used primarily, unless they don’t manufacture a specific part.
2) If Forge World don’t manufacture a specific part, you can use any company in the world. FOR THAT PART ONLY.
3) You can only have 1 unit at a time (combat squads count as a unit, transport is a separate unit)
4) You can only buy another unit after the current one is fully painted and based, and pictures shared on twitter.
5) Once we reach 1,750 points we all meet at Warhammer World for a day of gaming, drinking and purchasing our next unit.
It initially only had the top 3 rules until my twitter and blog article attracted like-minded gamers!

So the condition set by the wife I hear you all cry out for, this was simple; She who must be obeyed set the condition of the time I break my rules then she has the right to ban me from increasing the army until she sees fit!!

With all this in mind I set about picking an army and making my first list.

In the end I picked Eldar Corsairs mainly due to nostalgia of my old Craftworld Eldar Biel Tan army I had way back in the days of a codex and an expansion codex, this was the main reason. The other reason was simply the Eldar models are possibly the most beautiful sculpts in the GW range. Everything is smooth and sharp and crisp, and serves as much as function as it does as a thing of beauty. The only other governing factor was that the Corsair army is truly a deadly and really exemplifies the way Eldar fight; swift and deadly.

This started as a personal project of mine and something I advertised on twitter in the hope for some motivation and encouragement, little did I know that in the first few days of coming up with the idea I was up to almost 20 people willing to take part also and it has caused quite a stir in the community that I follow on there.
I have been astounded by the following and the diversity in armies chosen (although there are lots of pre-heresy armies being thought out as we speak).

Through the community we have also arranged ‘meet up’ days at Warhammer World to show off what we have done so far and to get some games in, the first big milestone we are aiming for is 1,750 points each and to get the Warhammer World for a Battle Royale of epic proportions, with almost 34,000 points on the table.

It’s an absolutely superb idea and it’s great to see such strong mutual support going on within the #warmongers community. Because of the nature of my Chaos Space Marine army I shall be trying to cram as many pre-heresy Space Marine models in there as possible. So if Richard’s feeling generous I may get included in Forge World Only. I’d certainly love to get to Warhammer World to watch the spectacle of Forge World armies kicking the living shit out of each other.

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