#FWO – Go Resin or Go Home

Following on from Richard’s Forge World Only post, Shell Case contributor Chris, aka @Darth_Crumble had this to say…

In the last week or so, an interesting new trending in gaming projects has emerged on Twitter. I speak of Forge Wold Only (#forgeworldonly on Twitter), originally mooted by Richard (aka @richards2507) but swiftly adopted by at least a dozen other Twitter #warmongers.
Richard’s full breakdown of the project can be found here: (http://skirmishgamer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/forge-world-only.html?m=1) and a list of participants here: (http://skirmishgamer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/forge-world-only-participants_8.html?m=1) but the key points can be summarised thus (emphasis mine): 
1) Forge World models should be used primarily, unless they don’t manufacture a specific part.
2) If Forge World don’t manufacture a specific part, you can use any company in the world. FOR THAT PART ONLY.
3) You can only have 1 unit at a time (combat squads count as a unit, transport is a separate unit)
4) You can only buy another unit after the current one is fully painted and based, and pictures shared on twitter.
5) once we reach 1,750 points we all meet at Warhammer World for a day of gaming, drinking and purchasing our next unit.
As some of you who know me, follow me on Twitter or followed the old Paint And Biscuits blog may know, I have forsworn Games Workshop and am in the process of selling off the last of my old Space Marines. This is motivated not just by the ever spiralling cost of all things GW, but also how much of a stressful, faffy, pain in the neck gaming with GW can be.
That said, the Forge World Only is actually tempting me back.
I have thought for a while that I actually like the stuff produced by Forge World more than a lot of stuff produced my Games Workshop itself. Partly it’s a question of quality, but mainly because I like their style more. Forge World models have always had a simple, straightforward aesthetic which I quite like, in contrast to standard GW models which can be a bit over-bling. For example, I personally like to keep my Astartes squads simple and without too much extraneous stuff. I must admit in recent years, I’ve also started to wish for the ability to create more visually unified squads. Of course, you could spend ages combing bitzbox or similar sites to find the right chest plates, armoured legs and helmets to appease such an obsessive desire, or you could just buy a nicely matching set from Forge World. And as a long time fan of the MkVI armour, the prospect of having a full squad of ‘Beakies’, even with appropriate retro weapons should I so desire.
There is no denying that Forge World stuff is cool, but there is also no denying that it is very expensive. Though as one or two folk on twitter have remarked, at the rate that mainstream GW prices are rising, in another year or so FW could be the cheap option. Also, as FW offer a range of weapon and equipment packs, you can just order stuff separately rather than having to order a whole other plastic squad in order to get a power sword for your tactical sergeant.
There’s no denying anyone embarking on the Forge World Only project would have a very slow burning project on their hands. Possibly very, very slow if your painting time is as limited as some gamers (myself included). That said, the prospect of getting new shiny things could be an incentive to get things painted all the quicker. But this will at least mean that the ‘one unit at a time’ rule will mean spreading the cost of the project, which is absolutely essential when you’re dealing with anything as horrifyingly expensive as Forge World models can be, and I know that many of the gamers involved have used the fact that they are spreading the cost by spending small amounts periodically to justify the project to their significant others. Cost of shipping not withstanding. Plus, it will help prevent anyone becoming overwhelmed by a painting backlog – which as we all know can be one of the biggest de-motivators a wargamer faces. I like that this is very much a project designed with the realities of #warmongers lives in mind. 
I shall do my best to resist the lure of this phenomenon as I don’t have the time or spare cash, tempting as it is. But I wish everyone involved good luck and look forward to the pictures each Miniature Monday.

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