The Myriad

M’Comrade Rob aka @peppermint_cat, friend, staunch #warmonger and writer of themossop blog has, thanks in no small part to me, abandoned his stand point on fluff not being important and written some fluff on his WIP Nurgle Chaos Space Marine army.

You can call me the puppet master…

Never let it be said that I’m anything but contradictory by nature, I have a kind of internal devil’s advocate that encourages me to switch back and forth for no particular reason, other than because I can. You lucky people get to benefit from that šŸ˜›

So, you know thatĀ post I wrote about not being bothered by writing fluff for my armies… Weeeeeell I was musing over my current Nurgle army, wondering how I might modify it with the new codex now out and I had a bit of an idea and because it’s an idea that doesn’t sit neatly within the ‘standard’ Nurgle approach it requires some justification, aka some flippin’ fluff! I blameĀ @TheShellCase; anyway, I wrote this…

Read more here.

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