Batman Begins…Again

I’d heard about this some time ago but wanted to wait until there was, if nothing else a few more snaps before I put something up about it. There are certainly more snaps and there’s even a bit of info from the developers, Knight Models; a Spanish company who primarily produce detailed miniatures of DC & Marvel characters. Not cheap but very awesome.

No release date has been set yet, at least not as far as I can tell but the models look awesome. The unit cost trouble me slightly but one can only reserve judgement until more information becomes available. On the game Knight Models had this to say…

Batman Miniature Game is a skirmish turn-based miniature game.

The first thing is band creation, you will love this part because there will be a lot of possibilities. Batman universe has a very rich and detailed background, with over 65 years of comic-books, tv shows, movies, etc. The idea is that there will be bosse like the Joker, Penguin, Two-Face …. and they can fight each other as well.

On the other hand many characters of the Batman Universe are not so important to form their own band, these are called “free agents” and will ally to one side or the other according to that point of the story and their background. Each boss can have sidekicks and lackeys, or be replaced by one of them, these sidekicks will modify the way you play with that band.
Each character will have a Reputation value (is the equivalent to what other games call “cost” or “points”). Also some characters will cost USD because they have some special rules or expensive equipment. Dollars will be used to buy additional equipment for your lackeys as well.
Turn will be divided in several phases, first Plan Preparation. The Motivation score will determine the number of actions each character can take each turn, in this phase you will distribute this tokens forming your plan. The plan is open so the opponent can see where you place your tokens, making a very tactical and deep game.
Then comes the activation phase of the miniature, eachn player take turns activating the habilities of the characters following the previous plan, p.e. Batman can use the Batclaw or throw a Batarang, Bane can use a Titan dosis, a Clown his Insane Laughter… as we release figures you will discover the potential of each character and their rules. Each character will be special and charismatic so the player can feel the resemblace to comics, video games and movies of this wonderful world.

After activation phase the turn is over and any effect or recovery of the characters is resolved (yes!, characters can recover from KO or heal injuries).

There will be scenarios (we want it to be an spectacular game!), but I prefer to tell no more, we want you to discover many surprises when the game is available.


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