My thoughts on early Ork rumours

Orky rumours. Orks smell.

The Wargaming Bear

Over on Faeit 212 they have themselves some early Ork rumours you can read the whole thing here.

But loving my orks I thought I would throw in my 2pence worth about what each addition could mean to me. Please bear in mind I am treating these with a pinch of salt but the language used is as if the codex was already out 🙂

Orks will stay the same with furious charge and mob rules but all orks (not grots or squigs).

This is as expected as they have become pretty core to the Ork rules.

Will get FnP 6+ as a race because they are basically tough and it takes a lot to kill and stop an ork.

This sounds awesome and goes some way of helping additionally with the rubbish saves (basically you get a re-roll on your armour 😉 ), It is going to be…

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