The Heralds of Desolation

M’comrade John has written some ace original background for his Chaos Space Marine army. Enjoy.

Ramblings from The Trenches

In the God-Emperor of Mankind’s name, we will not rest until his supreme vision is realised. We will finish His Great Crusade, no matter the cost.”

Augustus Gideon, Chapter Master of the Heralds of The Emperor, M.34

Every day, millions of human souls are lost to the worship of the fell powers of Chaos. Very occasionally (yet far more often than the Adeptus Astartes will ever admit) Space Marines themselves surrender to such temptation and, rarer still, whole Chapters succumb. Yet in the long and bloody history of the Imperium only one Chapter has ever had its fall sealed by those who created it, for in the tragic case of the Heralds of The Emperor it was the High Lords of Terra who damned this Chapter for all eternity.

A New Crusade

Three thousand years after the Great Crusade ended in the desolation of the Horus Heresy, the High…

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