The Shaltari starter set review

Dave reviews the oh-so-shiny Shaltari for Dropzone Commander.

The Wargaming Bear

Welcome to my newest review this time I am following on from the Scourge starter set for DZC with another boxset.

As you have probably guessed I am doing the Shaltari the faction I liked DZC so much (even more than the Scourge). In this review I probably wont be saying much just enjoy the miniatures 😉

Like the Scourge the KR foam is a nice touch and is well packaged.

Cards and rods

The command cards are included in all starter sets which is nice and they have a high gloss colourful finish to them. But as before thicker/sturdier cards would have been nice.

Now the rods used for flyers in the games have a nice little design feature that I wish others would consider. Each rod comes with a ‘cap’ that you can glue directly to miniature and that makes transport/storage so much better and easier. How can…

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