Primarch Deathmatch Round 2

Dave over at Miniature Musings of a Bear continues his Primarch Deathmatches. Just because presumably.

The Wargaming Bear

Welcome to more of Primarch on Primarch action in which we see which of the original 4 traitors is the daddy. After round 1 matches we have both Fulgrim and Horus up and running with wins.

Check out the above link for info about how I am doing the fights but for now let’s get straight into it:

Fulgrim VS Angron

This match was certainly a 30k version of Beauty VS the Beast!!!

As the brothers started to circle each other Fulgrim did his sword dance of moving and striking much to Angrons anger (I couldn’t think of anything better to use :P) however maybe too much prancing caused Fulgrim caught by some deceptive footwork by Angron! At the end of the first round Fulgrim had managed to find 2 weak points while Angron bludgeoned his way to a wound.

Moving into round 2 perhaps Fulgrim was caught out by…

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