Dropzone Commander – has Hawk Wargames jumped the shark?

Meeples and Miniatures talks a little DzC

Tales of @NeilTheDwarf

Rulebook_IMG1_1024x1024If you listened to episode 97 of the podcast, you will have heard Mike & I giving Dropzone Commander a reasonably positive review – the rules are pretty good, but I have some reservations on figure pricing.

And indeed, it’s about pricing that I wanted to write about in this post.

After the initial product launch, there has not been a great deal of new material released from Hawk Wargames until a few weeks ago, when they finally released the resin buildings that they had been promising for several months. I first heard about this on the Shell Case blog when they posted a new item on the new buildings.

I read it and was flabbergasted. I went to the Hawk Wargames website and was doubly flabbergasted.

The prices of Hawk’s resin buildings almost defy belief. They start at £35 for the cheapest building, which is a 95 piece kit, and this…

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