Primarch Deathmatch Round 3

Dave over at Miniature Musings of a Bear continues his Primarch Deathmatch!

The Wargaming Bear

Well this is it the final round of these little fights and it has certainly been interesting so far. Round 1 and Round 2 if you missed them.

So with Horus out in front will he go undefeated or will Fulgrim and Angron catch him up? Finally with Mortarion actually do something?? Time to find out…

Mortarion VS Angron

So here is the starter course of the final round as Angron looks to save face and Mortarion looks to well actually do something.

So as the bell rings it is no surprise that Mortarion needing a good start comes out swinging and managing to inflict 2 wounds onto Angron but not before taking one himself.

Round 2 saw Angron getting less than happy (can’t say Angry again ever after this by the way) and manages to cut his brother without taking a wound.

Round 3 saw a reversal of round…

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