White Dwarf Dark Angel Pages Leaked

Another month, another hacked off employee taking snaps on their mobile of the upcoming White Dwarf. Specifically the Dark Angel releases.

I’ve got to say, my feelings are mixed. The new Deathwing Terminators look pretty cool and have lots of conversion potential for other Chapters. The Ravenwing ‘Black Knights’ are a reboxing of the standard Ravenwing bikers with a few more baubles. And yes they all have plasma weapons. The air superiority flyer rumours were clearly true. And it looks pretty cool. The landspeeders on the other hand… They’re certainly bigger and meaner than they use to be but they have all the aerodynamics of a brick.



12 thoughts on “White Dwarf Dark Angel Pages Leaked

  1. The new terminators look pretty cool!

    Its a shame that the flyers look like flying Skips!

    Also, yet another reason for my hydra battery to exist.

  2. Never really liked the landspeeder model and this doesn’t do anything to change my mind. Not so fussed about the aerodynamics as such but those little engines just look daft. With the various turrets and gothic ornamentation it just all seems a bit unbalanced somehow.

    On the other hand the Deathwing terminators look good.

    1. The turbines are the same as the ones used in the Storm Talon which is a mistake. They’re trying to make too much by recycling components.

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