My thoughts on the new Dark Angels

Dave talks Dark Angels. I talk nonsense. The world continues to turn.

The Wargaming Bear

Now the mass hysteria of the leaked pictures (HERE) has calmed a tad and with the end of the world happening right now…..

I thought I should add my thoughts to the voices on the internet as I will be using the DA book for my Brotherhood of Null what will I be getting..

Belial – I like him would have liked him in Cataphractii armour just to be different and has anyone else noticed his feet are pointing in just a little bit too much?

Deathwing Terminators – Going to guess a double kit for command or knight squads. I like that the command squad follows the Dark Vengeance squad pretty well. As for the Knight squad…. MUWAHAHAHAHA!! How jealous are those TH wielding Imperial Fists 😉 I like them a lot.

Ravenwing Black Knights – Pretty standard bikers although I notice the TL-plasma on some of…

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