#warmongers Secret Santa Presents

Once again happy Christmas to #warmongers the world over. And as it is this most special of days I wanted to share with you some of the gifts fellow #warmongers received from one another as part of the #warmongersSecretSanta. And as the feedback has been so positive I’m definitely planning on repeating it again next year.

So first up…me! Now, I must emphasise that I drew every name at random – although I did group by country to keep costs down for folk – and I not only ended up drawing Dave (@docbungle) but he drew me.

Knowing each other as well as we do, gifts were really quite straight forward so he got me some Terran Alliance Cruisers pretty much forcing me into collecting the fleet have ummed and erred about it for so long and I got him Captain Murdoch for his Cygnar.


What’s great to see is how many of you managed to get something that suited the recipient down to the ground whether it was hobby related or not. Below is a collection of snaps of just some of the presents received. I think you’ll agree there’s some ace presents. My personal favourite is the Fall of Damnos and Piñata…























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