Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

Say it with me…holy fucking shit! And that’s just at the £95 price ticket for the Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

cerb-paint8 cerbpaint4 cerb-paint1.1 cerb-paint2 cerb-paint3 cerb-paint5.1 cerb-paint6And some fluff…

An experimental variant tank, the Mechanicum used the Spartan’s internal capacity to mount a prototype Neutron Laser Projector and the sizeable atomantic arc-reactors and rad-shielding needed to operate this devastating weapon. The Neutron Laser Projector had been retro-engineered from Dark Age technology recovered at great cost by Mechanicum Explorators, and some controversy was evident over both its provenance and safety for wider dissemination. 

Despite this, the Lords of Mars ruled that the new tank, codified the Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer, should be delivered into the service of the Legiones Astartes for battlefield testing. The Neutron Laser, they believed, offered a more compact alternative to the great Turbo-Lasers used by Titans and the mighty Shadowsword, with a greater potential for collateral damage. It would not be long, however, before the Cerberus was called upon to turn its destructive capacity against the Imperium’s own…


3 thoughts on “Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

  1. So they have arc-reactors now too, does marvel not have prior art on that? Iron Man founded the Mechanicum? 😉

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