Dreadball Season 2


With my review done and a rare blossom of excitement for a new game swelling in my chest I thought I’d take a look at some of the Season 2 concepts that are floating around the interwebs and it’s all looking rather groovy. Although Mantic are brave to rip off Transformers. Hasbro tend to sue people more readily than GW…

The Robots can…ahem…transform to take on different roles. The Zzor are bred to play in their position, which is a neat idea. The Judwan are…grey and the Sirens have boobs.




0--aCorporation Sirens

Corporation-GoalieCorporation Goalie

And as an added bonus stuff that’s allegedly being lined up for season 3…




4 thoughts on “Dreadball Season 2

  1. That last Convict MVP is actually a KS exclusive mini, but there looking at a convict/street gang team for season 3

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