Sad news from Mephiston’s Wargaming Blog, but I totally understand where he’s coming from.

Mephiston's Wargame blog

So, in general I’ve been buying and reading the Horus Heresy books as they have been published, and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed over half of them.

However in light of this article – I shan’t be purchasing any more novels from the black library.

I understand and acknowledge that GW have a right and duty to protect their trade marks, but Space Marine? Marines in Space… nope don’t think I can support them on that one.

Will they care? Nope, I expect not. My spend is a drop in their financial puddle but having stopped buying models/paint etc. from them, books were my final funding of GW.

So goodbye GW, was a fun ride while it lasted. And should I want to write stories about superhuman men battling forces across the galaxy they will be grenadiers, not marines.

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