Clearing the Decks

So I’ve decided it’s time for a bit of a purge.

With all the mud-slinging surrounding the GW I’ve decided to ditch my Chaos Space Marine project. The whole fiasco, between Spots the Space Marine and the Death from the Skies book, has left a bitter taste and I’m just sick of it. I can’t in good conscience support the company any more beyond the absolute minimum to keep playing 40k and the Specialist Games. This isn’t the rage quitting or the reaction of an angry young man (because I’m not that young) but I want to remove myself from all the negativity that seems to be pervasive in Wargaming at the moment. I can also try and regain a shred of impartiality, something I take very seriously. It’s hard to be objective if it’s your purse being squeezed. And when I say purse I mean manly wallet.

Equally I’m scaling back my spending with Spartan Games’ systems too. I just don’t understand what they’re about any more beyond churning out models left right and centre, all the while not addressing the terrible state of their rule sets or how unbalanced some of their factions are. Maybe I’m being quick to judge and it’s all in active dev but I can only go by what I see. And as long as they don’t address their background they’ll keep producing models like the utterly horrendous machine gun teams. And, again, if I’m focussing on stuff I like to do then I won’t be continually frustrated.

That doesn’t mean I’m giving the games up, I’m just not going to be working on anything new. Which will also give me the chance to get what I have painted and maybe, just maybe, get some games in.

What does this mean? Well, for one thing I’m going to be doing a lot of eBaying. My Sorylians will be getting the chop along with the Chaos stuff. I love the models, I’m just much more into my Terran Alliance fleet. I’ll also be concentrating on the games I’ve recently been introduced to and enjoy like Godslayer and Dreadball. I might even put paint to scenery…

And what does it mean for the blog? Well, not a lot really. I shall continue to write about the wargaming world, I shall continue to write reviews for models and games including the Games Workshop and Spartan because although I won’t be working on anything new, it doesn’t mean that my readers shouldn’t. My decision is a personal one and I’m not looking anyone to follow a crusade (or leave fan rage).

What I’m also hoping it’ll do is save me some money and give me some time. Regular readers will know I’m about to become a father, but that’s just a part of it. Having literally hundreds of unpainted models intimidates me into inactivity. And by cutting the number and only adding to an existing army if I really want something means that I can start to make a dent in them. And, more than anything, it’ll also mean I’ll have more time to work on the games that I’ve been developing.

So what began as somewhat of a moral stand has ended with me taking essentially a step back to allow me to appreciate my hobby as well as be more objective for the sake of the blog. You may have noticed a lack of content these last couple of weeks. It wasn’t the lack of something to say but the will to say it. I was having, for want of a better term, a crisis of faith and seriously considered rolling the blog up. In the end I realised the issue was that I was letting things ruin my hobby. Scaling back and refocussing on what I like rather than the latest piece of shiny is the only way of rekindling that love. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but I do think it’s the right one for me. But fear not I shall be as opinionated as ever I’ll just be doing it with fewer figure cases and a slightly healthier bank balance.

7 thoughts on “Clearing the Decks

  1. I can relate to the whole “hobby becoming a source of stress rather than enjoyment” side of things. For me it was about getting too carried away by new systems rather than choosing what I wanted to play, playing the games I enjoyed and fitting in time for painting. I suspect that running a blog like yours also risks the “hobby becomes a job” angle as well, where you feel you should be posting on the hot topics of the day but that they come a little too close to the bone sometimes generating stress, rather than interest or enthusiasm.

    As with all gamers I’ve a tendency for ‘overly acquisitive’ behaviour when it comes to the shinies and focusing on systems, rather than models can be an effective way of managing purchases.

    Really glad to see you’ve found a path through the crap and found a clearer hobby road ahead on the other side. That’s what we, your readers, are all here for anyway, to enjoy your reviews, share your frustrations with the PR approaches and release schedules of gaming compaines and have a laugh!

    So, keep up the good work (because this is a great blog) and send me anything you don’t want, eBay is such a hassle… 😉

  2. This is pretty much how I was feeling when I decided to go on hobby hiatus last autumn.

    I can certainly relate to the conflict between the bits about GW that are still attractive to us a hobbyist and the aspects which are grindingly annoying. Also agree that Spartan are at a bit of an impasse right now. Surprised to see you selling your Sorylians though.

    I definitely think small skirmish games (or board games) might be the way to go for today’s busy gamer.

    1. I’m just not excited by my Sorylians the way I am for the Terrans. And I only want one fleet so off it goes. When I get around to eBaying it…

    1. The rules aren’t the issue it is the direction of the games. I think they are trying to do too much too quickly (though I love Dystopian Legions (Phil is probably sick of me mentioning it on his blogs…)) They seem to be leaving the fluff to the wayside too, though a lot does go up on the website, but that means you need to keep checking back..

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