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With about 46 hours to go (at time of publishing) I’m delighted to say that the Godslayer kickstarter has smashed not only the £25,000 target but the £30k mark as well meaning it’s not only funded but hit a stretch goal as well. This, I think you’ll agree, is fantastic news.

Now, to address a question that a few people have asked me; why Godslayer?

It’s true there are a lot of games out there. A lot of games companies, model companies and kickstarters, so why lend my support behind Godslayer? For two very simple reasons.

1. The game genuinely and wholeheartedly excites me. And it excites The Chaps. These are guys who don’t have a lot of time and money and so, without my unique position to look at lots of different games and model ranges, choose what to get into very carefully. And they, like me, got as giddy as a school girl when I showed them the rule book. And excitement is the best possible contagion to catch.

2. I believe in what Megalith are doing. As easy as that. They’re not looking to line their pockets with gold, just open up their game to a new market and in so doing, allow them to expand the range and further improve the enjoyment of gamers. I also really like the idea of the community helping wargamers in Germany to enjoy a game.

And now a serious question; why didn’t I pledge?

Again, the answer is simple; I can’t pledge and then throw my support behind something. It’s a conflict of interests. If I tweet or blog about a project on Kickstarter it is because I think it deserves to succeed. The second I pledge money I’m a stake holder and I can no longer be impartial.

But anyway, it’s great to see Godslayer doing so well and it’s also great to see a new model rearing its ugly head(s)…


The Cerberos is the latest release for the Halodynes. Cast in metal and standing 75mm tall, it is an imposing menace. These creatures, which are bred by the temple-cults and blessed by the gods, are used to guard the weak-points in the fabric of reality. They also accompany Halodynes into battle, leaping ahead of the troops to take out light units, characters and war-machines.

With up to five attacks per turn (plus slay-movement), this triple-headed creature is an excellent offensive monster to intimidate your opponent.

And I leave you with a rather natty video review of the game by Wee Gamers

4 thoughts on “Godslayer Kickstarted

  1. After grabbing the Troglodyte set from your competition and reading the quick start rules that came with it I really like the look of this and am thinking of chucking some cash at the Kickstarter to grab a rulebook and second faction so I can then demo myself to our little group. To me it seems like a better version of Warmahordes, with more possible variety in forces and their upgrades and the mechanics are not all that dissimilar. Plus the friendly nature of the entry price is a boost too.

    I’m a sucker for skirmish games though.

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