Rant – Kickstarter (you have been warned!)

It seems only fair to look at the other side of Kickstarter. And a point of view I, generally, share.

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Yesterday Cool Mini or Not (CMoN) launched their 6th kickstarter (KS) project. Zombicide: Season 2. And it’s kinda got me narked.

To me, kickstarter is their to help get companies up and running, give them a good shot of investment money without having to go begging to the banks, with the horrible interest terms that go with that. It’s gamers helping companies get off the ground, bring more games to the community that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

CMoN have finished 5 kickstarters already, and combined they have received pledges totalling $3.3… 3 million dollars in one year, for 5 games half of which, as far as I know, have yet to ship. In 2 days Zombiecide: Season 2 sits at $481,177, so expect another $1 or more to actually make that $4+ million in one year. Impressive.

So who loses out in all this? Well not CMoN, they are reaping…

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