For all you tree hugging space hippies out there…

Tykens Rift


Playing Tau in 6th Ed has just got better and hopefully even more so when the new codex arrives in the coming months!

In the interim here are some of the things I’ve been taking advantage of since the new rulebook.

Fire Warriors:

FW’s were pretty much the lure for me getting into Tau, they have cool helmets, wicked looking tech and some high strength long range weapons, and the Pulse Rifle is no exception.

In 6th Ed the general range of a Pulse Rifle has increased. Not only can models move and shoot at the same distance but Rapid Fire is now half the full range of a weapon. That’s a 15inch increase after movement, and a 3inch increase on rapid firing distance, making your Fire Warriors range even more deadly than before.

That wall of fire endured by your enemies trudging slowly across the battle field just got…

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