Post battle Report imperial Guard Vs Necrons 1750

Paul, aka @ozrax, has been having fun at Warhammer World with his Necrons. The lucky bastard.

ozrax's Blog

Hi All,

Today, 16th March 2013, Lee Bedford and I fought a 1750pts game of 40k at Warhammer world. Now, I am not going to do a full Batrep, as there is way too much to tell, so here are the Hi-lights with some comment as we go. I posted my List yesterday if your interested.

The mission was the Emperors will played as a  vanguard Strike. The Necrons got first turn and the Guard failed to steal it. we played on a 6×4 boards with quite a bit of block scenery.  My plan was simple, to a sweep in from the right and pin his forces in one corner. The use of lots of Tesla and Gauss Cannons will sort out the killing bit.

Lee Set up with a heavy concentration is the far left with 3 tanks, (2 Basilisk and a Hryda) and a lot of men. I was expecting this, but the Hydra has a fearsome rep and…

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