Tau Images Leaked

Well another new release and another set of shoddy photos taken by someone who got their hands on a White Dwarf before anyone else.

I did actually spot these at around 3am whilst trying to get the baby to settle but I didn’t think the wife would appreciate me pausing to blog about it…

This time it’s the Tau and huzzah, some new models. However, my worst fears have been realised; the Crisis Suits and Fire Warriors have not been replaced. So the two main units of the army remain dated and uninspiring which is an absolute crime. The Pathfinders and the Broadsides have had an update though.

The Riptide, yes it does say £50, is a fucking great mech, so that’s a win. A big one. With big guns.

tau2 tau1 tau3

10 thoughts on “Tau Images Leaked

    1. However their is no price change as a single battle-suit is £15.50 and wont do much damage on its own.

  1. Considering the eurozone debt-busting prices that GW seem to want to inflict on their customers do you think they’ve decided to ignore the new player crowd and are catering for veterans now? Knowing that lots of us already have the cores of our armies set so £50 for a large toy makes sense if you think that it’ll be the only thing people will be buying as they’ve got the rest of the stuff.

    However, this should be tempered by the fact that only buying the new shinies is probably going to set you back as much as the original army did!

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