More Tau Images Leaked

Yep, more White Dwarf snaps of the new Tau stuff. Dribble, drool, or, like me, roll your eyes at the clunkiness of Farsight and go back to your Space Marines.

63915_10151473725948898_1292857059_n 599203_10151473725738898_1057661584_n 487813_10151473726088898_1808352789_n 487850_10151473724943898_1287048633_n 295651_10151473726388898_1911844999_n


7 thoughts on “More Tau Images Leaked

  1. I really want to like the Tau, I really do.


    They just seem so shoehorned in to the 40K universe in order to appeal to the big mech manga crowd. Regardless of a pretty decent back story, they just seem too contrived.

  2. I like the look of the Riptide, I just wish they’d redesign the suits so that they look like you could actually fit a normal sized bipedal humanoid in them. Every time I see those XV15 and XV88 models it makes me think of a fully grown man sat in a washing machine scale wise.

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