Thon Kickstarter Cancelled

575cb7bdfc4810be752613606b3fb401_largeI’m very sad to report that the Thon kickstarter has been cancelled despite smashing it’s $35,000 target. This was the only statement on the Thon Facebook page:

It is with a heavy heart that I cancel funding on THON. The upside is that we will return bigger and better, with this experience behind us.

I have no exact time frame but please stay tuned to Facebook and the official page.

Thanks to all that backed us, and especially those that hung in there despite the ups and downs. 

The game has changed, and we will change with it. This kickstarter is over, but our Spirit remains.


As I find out more I shall post it but I for one hope we see Thon back on the radar real soon. Because, well, it looks the tits.



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