Tau Cover Art

Here it is folks, a blurry photo of the Tau Codex…The commander model reflects this dude but sadly the crisis suit haven’t been updated which is a real shame.


warhammer 40K Tau Battlesuit CommanderAnd just to make you cry, the price lists…

Riptide Suit £50.00

Sun Shark Bomber / Razorshark Strike Fighter £40.00

Hammerhead / Skyray £35.00

Pathfinders (plastic) £20.00

Broadside £30.00

Crisis Suits (boxed set) £45.00

Cadre Fireblade £12.00

Tau Battlesuit Commander £25.00

Commander Farsight £30.00

Darkstrider £11.00

Longstrike £9.50 

Battleforce £80.00


4 thoughts on “Tau Cover Art

      1. It’s almost like they don’t actually want to sell you anything. They price it so if you really want to you can but they’re making it harder than it needs to be.

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