Imperial Armour 12

Yes, it’s another Imperial Armour book. And this time it’s the Fall of Orpheus. Guess how the story ends…

As usual it’s a beautifully presented book with lots of lovely background. Although I believe there’s only a couple of new units for the Necrons in a book in which they’re the main focus, so you may feel a bit cheated. And it’s £48.

IA12_cover IA12contents FW_IA12-15 FW_IA12-20-21 FW_IA12-38-39 FW_IA12-74-75 FW_IA12-82--83 FW_IA12-100-101 FW_IA12-108-109 FW_IA12-142-143 FW_IA12-168-169

One thought on “Imperial Armour 12

  1. It certainly is a beautiful book. The background and the campaign are amazing. I couldn’t help but feel a little let down by the cron army list as you said. There were no where near as many new units as I was expecting. I wanted new cryptek powers, c’tan, further expansion of the canoptek stuff like the acanthrites. Maybe the focus was on the kreig list? I don’t know enough about them to tell if it was cool or not

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