High Elves up for Pre-Order


The new High Elves stuff is available to pre-order and looking at the proper photography it looks pretty nice. I love the Shadow Warriors and, I hate to admit, I actually like the silly eagle flying chariot of flyingness. Let’s just leave physics out of it when discussing a game that features Elves in the first place and enjoy the spectacle.

Indications are the High Elves will continue to have the lions spare of the stabbiest, strike firstiest special rules and we can fully expect some nasty magic to go with it.

The High Elves release is set for the 4th May – Star Wars day as it goes…
m3180264a_60030210005_HE2013ArmyBookENG01_873x627 m3180274a_99800210009_Allarielle01_873x627 m3180299a_99120210025_FlamespyrePhoenix01_873x627 m3180309a_99120210025_FlamespyrePhoenix03_873x627 m3180344a_99120210025_FrostheartPhoenix01_873x627 m3180354a_99120210025_FrostheartPhoenix03_873x627 m3180414a_99800210010_HandmaidenOfTheEverqueen01_873x627 m3180504a_99070210001_HELoremaster01_873x627 m3180559a_99120210022_LothernSkycutter01_873x627 m3180574a_99120210022_LothernSkycutter04_873x627 m3180724a_99120210023_2013ShadowWarriors01_873x627

2 thoughts on “High Elves up for Pre-Order

  1. £30 for 10 Shadow Warriors/Sisters of Avelorn made me choke on my cornflakes. Looking forward to getting my hands on the book though and seeing all the new shinies and seeing if the Handmaiden of the Everqueen is worth taking as the model is very nice.

  2. Why’s there a knight stumbling as he catches a ball of semen? Is this a special defensive maneuver against the forces of Slaanesh?

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