Eldar Images Leaked

Another imminent release another batch of leaked photos. Below we have the rumoured Wraith Knight as well as a glimpse at the Codex art. The eagle eyed amongst you will also notice the Iyanden Codex Supplement which pretty much tells you what you’ll have to do if you had a specific craftworld in mind. Prepare to dig deep in those pockets…



10 thoughts on “Eldar Images Leaked

  1. Flyer in the bottom right of the second picture looks awesome. Undecided about the wraithknight, proportions look a bit strange but there’s certainly loads of potential.

  2. Looks kind of clunky for an Eldar walker, but that may just be down to the photos. Would prefer something a bit smoother, more in line with the Wraithlord and Eldar titans. Truth be told though the Wraithknight’s not really something I’m too excited about adding to my army regardless of the model. Much more interested in what happens with Farseers and Warlocks.

  3. I hope that if we are seeing the first signs of a return to ‘sub-lists’ that it doesn’t either unfairly restrict the parent Codex or over-stereotype the sub faction.

  4. looks interesting but mostly just care about what will happen to the wraithlord because if this guy is supposed to be the grand piece of the army i think the wraithlord is probaly gonna get nerfed

    1. Nah, the Wraithlord won’t change any, they’ll just be the thing you take instead of grav tanks but that’ll die just as easy.

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