Horus Heresy Weekender Charity Giveaway

John Caboche of The First Expedition forum is running a Horus Heresy Weekender charity raffle to raise money for Swindon Children without a Diagnosis which is an extremely worthwhile and important cause to support. Because it’s for children for crying out loud.

The prize is a fully signed copy of the Imperial Truth. I shit thee not.

And all you have to do is bip over to the First Expedition donation page and pledge ten splendid shiny pounds. One (extremely) lucky winner will be drawn at random and win the book. But there’s also some brilliant consilation prizes too which are:

Two fully author signed and Forgeworld signed programmes donated by Black Library

A Horus Heresy Weekender backpack (donated by BL)

An event only Loyalist Legions Poster

An event only Traitor Legions Poster

So get over there, donate £10, bask in the warm glow of your beneficence and if you’re really lucky, you’ll get an awesome prize for your trouble.

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