Gruntz: A Review

That reminds me, I need to write mine!

Political Dice

Yes ladies and germs, at long last since I first started interviewing independant developers I have managed to get my local group to drop Warmachine/Hordes just enough to allow other games a peek and , due in part to the cheapness of the scale but also the awesomeness of the game (spoiler alert) , I am now able to properly review Gruntz 15mm! This has been a long time coming as I am fairly sure Robin was my first interviewee for this blog and I promised back then that I would present a review of the game itself. Now I have a few games under my belt and the points level is increasing after every game I feel I can say something meaningful, so where to start…



Gruntz is designed for you to put your own imagination to work, to come up with your own ideas and universes or…

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